This app does more-or-less nothing. It doesn’t require you to register, it doesn’t try to sell you anything, it doesn’t steal your data, it doesn’t track you, it doesn’t have any bugs (well I don’t really know if that is true, but seeing as it doesn’t really do anything I would be surprised), it doesn’t require updating, feeding, putting outside at night, watering, exercising or taking for walks. Nor does it expect anybody to like it, review it, link to it, recommend it, sponsor it, download it or actually to use it.


= Chris's Reasonable APPS

The home of the first unuseless app

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first discover how useful your new CR-APP will be in this real life story below…

don’t get caught again without a TIE because that can be embarrassing particularly if you have booked a really posh restaurant and they just won’t let you in without a TIE and you have a boy or a girl on your arm and they have been looking forward and everybody starts to laugh so you say to yourself next time i must have my CR-APP TIE with me

by the way your phone will kick off about downloading an insecure app you can get round this but its a right faff –
that’s fine you got this far i wouldn’t bother  


Chris xxx

Chris Newell made this but feel free to exploit it in any way you fancy – good luck!

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